The need for people participation in business was a forgone conclusion. Yet thinking of it as a proposition was too novel an idea in 2005, the year we started Frametrics. Making a tangible delivery model of it was even a bigger challenge, since there isn’t one technique or skill that will make people participate.
So we focused on learning to design people engagement metrics, and based on requirements use a combination of techniques to deliver results.

We adopted market research, communication, analytics, design, and social software into our portfolio of skills.This became the hallmark of our business model as we evolved as a multi-disciplinary delivery team.
Why ‘Social collaboration’?
We think social relationships are more resilient than formal structures. Harnessing these relationships is a smarter way of getting the work done. We create the platforms to bring people together to interact for a common cause.
Does ‘social’ mean offline as well?
We look at ‘social’ holistically. Online or off, human behavior is fundamentally the same. Social software only makes connections easier and amplifies behavior. Moreover we work for development programs in parts of the world without much access to Internet.
What are the online applications/platforms you have developed?
We have social software platforms for crowdsourcing ideas & solutions – like 360degree appraisal systems, idea sharing communities, customer advisory panel. We also have our online survey and polling engine.
Which regions are you present currently?
We along with our partners are present in the US, Asia Pacific, and the MENA region. Our online solutions are delivered in atleast 20 countries across the world.
"Regarding delivery by your team, very happy with the flexibility, commitment and tremendous desire exhibited to deliver high quality work. It was hence quite easy on our part to discuss, suggest and lay down expectations as we would like the end product to be"
- Country manager, Organisation Development,Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages.