Peer assessment
Fra360 is a new economy feedback based personal development tool. Ratings from peer groups help create awareness on how an individual is perceived by colleagues, so that personal development goals are set by identifying strengths and weaknesses.

We customize the tool to unique competencies of organizations, streamlining to structures and objectives.
An intuitive plug-n-play system
Customized to requirements
Competency model
  • identify management competencies, to match organizational goals with individual aspirations
  • evolve a competency metric for the organization
Instrument design
  • developing competency parameters into questionnaires for multi-rater assessment surveys.
  • internal communication branding and engaging survey applications
  • rater networks and data formats
Statistical validation exercise seeks to answer questions related to clarity of instructions, consistency, comprehensiveness and ease of understanding of the instruments.
  • individual development reports
  • organizational gaps against benchmark
  • statistical significance of competency model
Data Management
  • mapping rater networks
  • data format and structuring
Social Network
delve deeper into how peer networks influence perceptions