Sourcing insights from customers and employees translate into processes that engage them in sharing their experiences. It is the ability to have spontaneous conversations with them as insiders. We take clue from evolution of social media and communication, adopt research techniques that enable this engagement.

your ability to source insights is how well you engage with stakeholders
Crowdsourcing has intended benefits that traditional market research doesn't offer - ability to create sustainable relationships and brand affinity with target groups. Managing such projects requires a combination of skills and often understanding nuances of organization cultures. Our multi-disciplinary team of project managers, market researchers, network analysts, designers, web developers has rich experience in designing and implementing such projects customizing to your needs.
Explore people networks
  • actor profiles
  • goals and motivations
  • formal & informal connections
  • influence structures
We seek to understand how network dynamics can be used for penetrating community structures.This entails analyzing how people are linked to each other, how they influence group thinking, and delve into behaviors that arise from such structures.
  • identify community objective
  • thematic presentation
  • narration - story telling
  • mobilize 'crowd'
define the objective of the community, create a relevant theme and story the group can relate to.
  • create platforms - online & off
  • simulation games
  • interactive applications
  • group moderation
  • participant incentives
We innovate ways to stimulate conversations through online interactive applications, offline simulation games, nurturing community advocates, designing participation incentives.
Unique mission - Multiple Roles
Different aspects of crowdsourcing that we deliver
  • Market insights - Research design and implementation
  • employee engagement programs
  • participatory campaign design and implementation
  • Community moderation
  • Customer forums - complaints and resolution
  • Capacity building - communities, training, leadership programs
  • Online surveys - our proprietary survey engine
  • Web applications and design
  • Marketing analysis
  • Community branding