Idea sharing
SpeakUp is a platform to share stories, concerns, aspirations and experiences from people that contribute to ideas to make things better.

The platform is used for sharing tactical inputs in project operations, customer support, and feedback forums. The exciting interface, personalized messaging & role in key decisions encourage recurring participation in community activities.
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Project Management
A premier life insurer wanted to directly connect with its field staff in 400+ branches, to capture the Voice of Front-Line Processes on specific issues. They use SpeakUp for continuous dialogue with customer-facing front line staff.
Feedback forums
Create public or private communities for user feedback on products or services. Users can post ideas, comment or join discussion threads, and vote for ideas they like. Storyboarding features allow users to pick up ideas they like for further discussion among interested users.
Knowledge base
SpeakUpalso works as a user generated knowledge base. It archives discussions that can later be used as references for decision making.