Netmap toolbox
Netmap is a social network based simulation tool that helps to capitalize on diverse viewpoints. People participate to find solutions by drawing their network, discuss opportunities and challenges to arrive at a common vision.

It is used for development programs, agile coaching, retail negotiations, leadership development, monitoring & evaluation among others.

Eva Schiffer who invented NetMap toolbox is an advisor to Frametrics.
How It Works
NetMap borrows concepts from social network analysis and makes it participatory with a simple pen-and-paper simulation game.

It is a low tech toolbox to visualize solutions by playing out situations and interviewing participants. Like a board game, figurines are used to represent stakeholder actors in a network and colored lines for the types of linkages between them. The figurines are placed on ‘influence towers’ – the stronger the influence, higher the tower. Individual goals are mapped to each of the actors.
  • Actors involved in a network
  • how they are linked to each other
  • how influential they are
  • what their goals are.
Determining linkages, levels of influence, and goals allows users to be more strategic about how they act in complex situations.
Making use of diverse viewpoints
Visualize networks
  • Visual presentation of the connections, influence and goals makes it easier to discuss issues and figure out solutions.
  • It is easy to comprehend, even if participants are not literate.
Explore relationships
  • Find out how formal (like, fund flows) and informal (like, friendship) connections are drivers or obstacles for your project
  • Identify the ‘brokers’ to reach out to relevant people or group
Stakeholder interests
  • Identify complementary or competing goals of stakeholders
  • Discover underlying political and social interests
Project planning
  • NetMap helps to be strategic in outreach programs, resource planning and communication.
  • pre-empting potential conflict scenarios
Career Development
  • Who impact personal goals and how
  • How to make the best of your network and connections
  • How to navigate through complex situations, making tradeoffs and arriving at a common vision